TROPICANA- 7-8 Tropicancan Scarf

All done! I ended up crocheting instead of knitting. I basically crocheted a tube of four stitches (slip stitch), then every now and then i'd add and decrease to form the bubbles. The toucan feet had wires going through the yarn so it was easy to adjust them so that they sat up nicely on the scarf. For the big bushy fringe parts i used mostly the black two-ply yarn and added a few strands in the rainbow for contrast. I cut them all different lengths so it would taper and i looped the really long strands up to create a tangly effect. The doll head i just tucked up into the tangled part by the base of the scarf so she would show by your face if you wrap it tight.

This was SO FUN to make...i'd never done only a few stitches in the round and it just went fast! the fringe was kind of a pain though because the 2-ply is sooo looped it tends to get way more tangled than you want when you need it to be straight!

Appx. 6.5 feet long
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TROPICANA- 6-30 I'm a gunna knit it!

This is what happens when yarns don't sell too fast...i stare at them until i just have to make something out of them! So now i'm making a tropicana scarf with little knitted bubbles made by a triple yarn-over then a big bushy fringe with the black skein. I will strategically place the head and toucans where the fringe meets the bubbles and tuck the loops of fringe around them. so it will look like a tangly...loopy..toucan-hurricane!

TROPICANA- 6-17 Update- DONE!!

OK- all done! The black skein is a very soft and wiggly black and rainbow wool yarn with little bits of sparkle, tinsel and shredded silver novelty yarn. The whole thing is plied with a gold sparkle thread. The other skein is a single in crazy rainbow sparkle batt with flocked and feathered toucans, san tropez tan girl doll head, blue feathers and tons of sparkle and tinsel!

Knit some beer cozies for the Tiki Lounge!!

7.0 OZ.

TROPICANA- 6-15 Update

Done! But it's not very big, only 40 yds. To have enough yarn for a whole project i'm going to spin a yarn with the remaining sparkle batt and this black mystery wool. I'll ply the whole thing super wiggly with the same gold sparkle thread that is in the single. It's going to be so tiki lounge!!

Check back for updates!


This will be a simple single spun from a not-so-simple CRAZY BATT! I used every fiber imaginable in this batt hand-dyed in tropical colors. I also cut up some novelty sparkle/tinsel yarn (way too gaudy to knit with) alond with some cheap christmas tinsel. gaudy on it's own but i think it will be more subtle once it's spun. we'll see!

I also have these great little toucans made with real feathers. I will be adding a vintage doll head (not pictured cause it's trapped on my broken computor!!) that is san tropez tan with gold blond hair....very retro!

Check back for updates!

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