NOT LOST FOR LOOKIN': A fly-fishing romance ghost-story adventure of the high Sierra! (paperback)
by lexi Boeger, 2013

Old beat-up trucks, dive bars, gold-rush towns and the epic beauty of the high Sierra Nevadas are the backdrop to this tale of two women who fly-fish their way through a summer of heart-break, high-jinks, drug-lords, wild men, fish and ghosts. A sweet memoir of deep family outdoor tradition threads through this wild and unpredictable adventure.

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INTERTWINED: The Art of Handspun Yarn, Modern Patterns and Creative Spinning (Hardcover) 2011
by lexi Boeger

Book two in the Handspun Revolution series, Intertwined is a comprehensive look at the creative craft of handspinning. Featuring over 25 new handspinning techniques, and over 30 original knit, crochet, weaving and felting projects to do with non-traditional handspun yarn, this volume will challenge your creativity and open your mind to new possibilities in the genre of handspinning.
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HANDSPUN: New Spins on Traditional Techniques (Paperback)
by Lexi Boeger

Book three in the Handspun Revolution series, HANDSPUN takes the creative techniques and concepts of 'Intertwined' and pushes them even further. With an emphasis on combining multiple techniques to create unexpected results, this book is fun and challenging! Enjoy many unique and fashion-forward patterns and project ideas as well.
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Handspun Revolution takes a new look at an old craft. It presents handspinning as a highly creative, artistic endeavor.

Handspun Revolution is a simply written how-to book for very unusual handspun yarns. Addressing a growing movement of cutting edge spinners, this book discusses the role of creative thinking in the craft of handspinning. This book is purpousfully spartan. Volumes have already been written on the nuts and bolts of spinning. Handspun Revolution covers only the very essential topics of spinning, and these are discussed frankly, casually and often in the format of "tips" and notes. The driving message of the book is the liberation of ones preconceived notions of what a yarn is. It tries to teach the reader to break the rules they've learned and push their own personal boundaries in spinning. 17 original, never before published techniques are covered with easy instructions and beautiful color pictures.

Copyright 2005
by Lexi Boeger
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