Pluckyfluff creator Lexi Boeger, is on an indefinite yarn hiatus in order to pursue other mediums, materials, modes and adventures. As many of you artists know- you have to follow the rabbit, going where there is energy and excitement. Sometimes that means departing from a material or genre that you have built a career or reputation in. But in my book- stagnation is death! My goal is not to be a yarn spinner, my goal is to keep learning. I am a master spinner choosing to become an amature in some other medium. For now.....

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NOT LOST FOR LOOKIN': A fly-fishing romance ghost-story adventure of the high Sierra! (paperback)
by lexi Boeger, 2013

Old beat-up trucks, dive bars, gold-rush towns and the epic beauty of the high Sierra Nevadas are the backdrop to this tale of two women who fly-fish their way through a summer of heart-break, high-jinks, drug-lords, wild men, fish and ghosts. A sweet memoir of deep family outdoor tradition threads through this wild and unpredictable adventure.

(Ebook available at Smashwords or Kindle Store, Aplle Ibook store, etc.)

Paperback available at

Enjoy this primmier episode of our video series 'Yarntown'. This first episode is a whopping three-part technique called 'Coil Boil'. enjoy!
(This is a 650MB file, 45 minute QUICKTIME movie. just FYI. avg download time: 10mins.)

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